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Frequenty Asked Questions

After the Course
  • What are the employment opportunities at the end of the course?

    If you are considering a winter in the Northern Hemisphere the prospects are very good and we will give you all the information and help you need in this area. Qualified instructors are at a shortage in most parts of America, Japan and Canada.

  • How hard is it to get a job/visa to return to NZ?

    As you are part of the Cadrona Ski and Snowboard School you will have all the possible connections that you require to get a job back at Cardrona. We can’t employ everyone but we select those with the best attitude and potential from our ITC courses. Cardrona can get visas for anyone we employ.

  • Can I come back to work at Cardrona?

    This is certainly a possibility. At Cardrona we only hire the best instructors and we prefer to hire people that have trained with our Cardrona ITC. If you perform well on the course and pass your certifications, future Cardrona job prospects are high.

  • How hard is it to get a job/visa overseas?

    With an NZSIA / SBINZ qualification, shadowing experience in a school and a good reference from you trainer/ Ski and Snowboard School Manager you should have no trouble getting a job in the Northern hemisphere. We will help with this in our "become an instructor" training module and we have many networks for employment in the worldwide community. The places that offer the most employment are the USA, Canada, Japan and many countries in Europe.

    In all countries you either need to hold a valid passport or you will need a valid working visa. The best way is to get your own holiday working visa (or student visa through our polytec course) and then you can really start to choose where you would like to work. Otherwise we will help you find out which resorts will help you with getting a visa by sponsoring your application. In the past almost all resorts could help with this but nowadays it is much more restricted and only some resorts will help with the visa process. We will make sure we have all current information for you while you are with us at Cardrona.

  • Can I stay till the end of the season?

    Of course. Your season pass is valid until we close in early October. You could even consider taking the Childrens’ Teaching Certification or a coaching course while you are here.