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Frequenty Asked Questions

Living In Wanaka
  • How much does it cost to live in Wanaka?

    Renting a room in Wanaka can cost anywhere from $100 – $150 NZD per week. Some will be inclusive of utilities and internet whist others will be additional. Wanaka has a weekly Newsletter called, ‘The Messenger’, this is a great place to find rooms. Read the online version here.

  • What is there to do after dark?

    Like most ski towns Wanaka has a big selection of bars and restaurants. For more information on these visit our evening entertainment page.

  • What facilities are available in Wanaka?

    Whilst Wanaka is reasonably small, almost everything you need is available in the town itself. There are banks, medical centres, a supermarket, etc etc. Read more in the About Wanaka section.

  • Is it possible to commute from Queenstown?

    Yes, but it does take a little longer and you have to drive over the Crown Range. This road can sometimes close and when there is a lot of snow the drive can take much longer in bad weather.