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Frequenty Asked Questions

Our ITC Courses
  • What are the advantages of being part of a training course at Cardrona?

    Students who train with the Cardrona Instructor Training Centre become part of one of NZ’s top Ski & Snowboard Schools. Unlike any other Instructor Training courses in Wanaka or Queenstown this means you get practical on the job experience teaching lessons. This real instructing experience looks great on your CV when applying for Northern Hemisphere jobs after graduation and gives Cardrona Instructor Training Centre graduates greater employment opportunities.

    Another huge advantage for Cardrona Instructor Training Centre students is the ‘home ground’ advantage. The exams are held at Cardrona which means at the end of the training course you’ll know the exam terrain like the back of your hand. Furthermore a number of our trainers are also NZSIA and SBINZ examiners who are able to provide you with all the tips you need to achieve the best results.

    No other instructor training program in Wanaka or Queenstown can offer these benefits.

  • What level skier or rider do I need to be?

    To become and instructor trainee you need to be an intermediate skier and rider who is capable of skiing/riding all over the mountain.

  • How hard is the training?

    The program is intense but rewarding, and attendance is required everyday (5 days a week). Like anything, the more effort you put in, the more you will get out of it.

  • What kind of equipment do I need?

    Having the right equipment is vital. Every year we have trainees turn up with gear that is not suitable and sooner or later they have to buy what they need for the course. We recommend you buy your gear when you get to Wanaka and we can help you with your choices. Cardrona Instructor Training Centre Trainers have affiliations with most international ski brands through local shops which means we can help you get great deals on the right gear.

    If you want to buy before you travel to NZ have a look at the guidelines below or contact us, we are more than happy to help you with your decisions.

    Ski Instructor Trainees – You will need to be on an all mountain carve ski that is between 75 and 85 mm under foot with about a 13 meter turn radius. Your boots should be between a 90 and 130 flex (depending on your strength and weight), and should be professionally fitted. We have excellent boot fitters in Wanaka that will work with you until your boot fits exactly right

    Snowboard Instructor Trainees - Snowboards will need to be easy to ride at low speed but also stable in the off-piste therefore we recommend all-mountain freestyle boards that are cambered, camber variations such as double camber or flat. Please insure your weight is within the manufacturers guide. Boots and bindings should be of compatible manufacturers for a good boot/binding fit and bindings should allow for plenty of forward lean adjustment. If in doubt our training staff has a strong knowledge of the new snowboard technologies and will be able to assist with matching a board to your riding style once in Wanaka.

  • What level of fitness should I have?

    You need to be able to ski or snowboard for a full five days each week. You will get fitter as you go through the course but arriving with a good level of fitness will give you an advantage from day 1. Cardrona Instructor Training Centre also offers an additional strength programme as part of the course.

  • Are the dates flexible?

    Not really. The dates are built around the already established certification dates, which are decided by NZSIA. Contact us to discuss this further.